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      Milk Addict is a children's clothing and lifestyle brand endeavouring to make a positive change to the out-dated consumerism model of fast fashion. 

      Fast fashion and mass consumerism is no longer working. We need to make conscious and educated choices from food, to clothing, building, politics and more. You will not see us releasing seasonal ranges, you will not see us having huge sales. Our clothing will not go out of fashion just because consumerism tells us so. 

      We will release small capsule collections at affordable prices that can pay everyone along the production chain fair living wages, support non-profit organisations and put food on our own table.

      We will source organic, ethically produced fabric at the highest quality that we can whilst maintaining affordability.

      That is our promise to you

      Kelli - Founder and Designer of Milk Addict

      9 products

      9 products