LoowFAT brand was created in 2011 when we established one of the first streetwear labels in Czech and Slovak Republic. We pride ourselves primarily on high­quality processing and local production. LoowFAT name is derived from the word „low­fat“. No hidden meaning. We like honest, high quality and fat things ;)
In 2015, we created his younger sibling LoowFAT KIDS, which is dedicated to streetwear clothing line for children aged 1 – ­6 years. We have two sons and that drives us to attempt to create styles for children, which are different from the classic children‘s clothing, easily recognizable, distinctive but also childish, playful and sweet. Pet panda is a symbol that we use constantly in different shapes and designs. Clothing is designed for brave children ­ children hardy, bold, lively, adventurous and fearless, these kids need the bold clothing that stands out from the crowd ;)

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