Elos lightweight skateboard coral red
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Elos lightweight skateboard coral red

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Elos is a compact, super stable, easy to learn and lots of fun to ride cruiser board designed for your urban lifestyle. Benefiting from the original Elos Classic design, the Elos Lightweight version is optimized for commuters so it weighs lighter (only 4 lb) and rides even smoother

Compact, super stable and good for all riding skills
Ergonomic design with lots of tutorial (YouTube) to make skateboarding intuitive and fun
Think of it as the longboard cruising experience that magically fits inside your backpack
Perfect for daily short commutes or running errands
Unique docking design for easy storage
The special surface finish will not damage your clothes or shoes


Built-in reflective trucks to improve night ride safety
Patented and designed in California, made with top grade USA hard rock maple
Warranty: 6 months (up to 1 year after QR code registration)

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